Agi & Sam went back to their childhoods for their fall 2015 collection, inspired by the playful state of mind that children have around clothes and fashion. Doing research in toy stores and elementary schools and digging in their childhood archives, the results are wild looking, carefully thought out garments with bursts of colors and deconstructed silhouettes. These two are always going on their own trip in their collections and we love going along for the ride.

MARC0082 MARC0007 MARC0065 MARC0182 MARC0043 MARC0171 MARC0236 MARC0256 MARC0272 MARC0034 MARC0155 MARC0220 MARC0132 MARC0116 MARC0022 MARC0101 MARC0198 MARC0290 MARC0306 MARC0325 MARC0347 MARC0357 MARC0436

Photos via Read a great review and insight into  the collection here.

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