Romaric Tisserand: EMPIRE TRAVEL CLUB


Empire Travel Club is an interesting project by Paris based independent curator and art producer/editor Romaric Tisserand. It was recently exhibited at the Ivon Lambert Bookshop in Paris and was made into a Limited Edition Poster set .

“An Augmented archive of 166 portraits issued from 6 black and white  silver gelatin rolls negatives found in the ground between the pavement, revealing the portraits of young Africans and soldiers from another time.

The exhibition device organises this archive into a photographic project where XIXth century portrait album medallions play a combinatory role with a colored Portuguese flag and new countries issued from liberation movements, colorful posters, postcards and a fake promotional video tale.

ULTRAMAR (Empire Travel Club) transforms the exhibition space into a travel agency from an Empire in the past that doesn’t exist anymore. Everything present mentally recreates this destination : depicting the unknown soldier’s intimate diary, thousand individual lives as thousands of free postcards to take away making collective memory, mixing past with present creating future and reframing history.

Without an image, there is no event

Without an event, there is no more history

Without history, there is no more future.”



Photographs and info via Aanonymes.

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