Saturday March 28th:Opening-Marten Elder- Perceptual Renderings

We are so excited to check out the solo exhibition at Equinox  this Saturday featuring the work of photographer Marten Elder called ‘Perceptual Rendering’. Check out the interview that we did with Marten in the current  01 Magazine issue here.marten elder equinox


Marten Elder’s photographs offer a reconsideration of the way that images are captured in light of digital and technological developments. No longer satisfied to make use of the digital camera to replicate the look of colour film, which was in itself an attempt to approximate human vision, Elder uses the distinct characteristics of the digital camera to capture and process visual information in a new way. The amount of information that can be captured by contemporary digital cameras is extraordinary. Through careful interpretation of the raw data, Elder produces photographs that disrupt spatial hierarchy and that are intensely vibrant in their tonal range. The colours may seem synthetic at first, but they all exist in the world in the same relative relationship to one another, and it is this representation of the world that is of great interest to Elder. Working in the realm of “straight photography,” the spatial situations depicted in the photographs – sidewalks, curbs, corners, and niches – are selected by the artist for their potential to be both photographs of the physical world, and images of photographic technology. It is through this conscious attention to visual perception that Marten Elder is helping reshape the relationship between photography, technology, and perceptual experience.

Marten Elder received his BA in photography from Bard College, and his MFA from the University of California, Los Angeles. He has been included in many group exhibitions, including Immitation Rocks (Olso); Ensuing Pictures (Concourse Gallery, Vancouver); The Poetics of Space (Vancouver Art Gallery); and New Color Photographs (Tif Sigfrids, Los Angeles). He will be included in Charlotte Cotton’s upcoming book Photography is Magic (Aperture, 2015). In 2008, Elder was the recipient of the Tierney Fellowship. Marten Elder lives and works in Los Angeles, California.

(Text courtesy of the Equinox Gallery)

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