We love the boldness of Jacquemus’ fall 2015 ready-to-wear collection and runway show styling, from the stiff cut-out shapes of the clothes, to the blank paper masks and Picasso-like face painting. There is something sophisticated and perfectly balanced in this seemingly chaotic art attack where an over-abudance of cloth in a bottom can mean the stop is simply drawn-on or non-existent.

JAC_0005JAC_0032JAC_0053JAC_0068JAC_0083JAC_0097JAC_0117JAC_0132JAC_0146JAC_0164JAC_0178JAC_0191JAC_0207JAC_0221JAC_0243JAC_0266JAC_0285JAC_0305JAC_0317JAC_0337JAC_0356JAC_0368JAC_0383JAC_0397JAC_0411JAC_0425JAC_0435JAC_0454JAC_0464JAC_0475JAC_0492 JAC_0501 JAC_0529 JAC_0546 JAC_0554 JAC_0569 JAC_0583 JAC_0598                     {Photos via style.com

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