We love the Instagram feed of Barcelona based photographers Oriol and Lucia called @opalvisions . Their collaborative Instagram is a space for them to share their point of view together using light, colour, shapes, and textures. We got in touch with Oriol and Lucia and asked them our four Instagram of the Week questions:

Do you have a favourite person or thing that you like to shoot?

O: Well, I don’t think i have any favourite thing to shoot, I just love looking around and what makes me focus my attention can be a shape, a combination of things or colors and also light. I may say I prefer  nature and architecture, instead of people, as a main subject.

L: I don’t have a recurrent thing to shoot either… with the exception of our cat and the light in my home´s walls.

If you could be anywhere right now where would you like to be?

O: I’m always thinking about open spaces, beach, the woods, I don’t know why, but the city is much too noisy for me as scenery… Maybe just because you usually desire the place you are not in normally. Although we are most of the time in it. Now I’m thinking to our next trip to Almeria, to visit new landscapes, like the desert…

L: A quiet land, a moonscape of volcanic formations, like Cabo de Gata in Almería.

What was the last song you listened to?

O: Most of the time I listen to music in the background, so I’m not as conscious of what I listen to…but I would say “Waiting Room” by Fugazi, that’s in the playlist I’m listening to right now.

L:  I was listening to an 8tracks’ playlist, so the last one was “Mevin” by The Belles a 60´s garage girl band.

What was the first photo you saw that had an impact on your creatively?

O: I spent a while thinking of this and I’m not able to think of any other photo but “El Piropo” by Francesc Català Roca. I think this was the first photo that awoke a consciousness about photography as art, the everyday,  a sample of attitude… The fact is that is is the opposite of the kind of pictures we take but…

L: An André Kertész´s photo titled “Martinique”.  A very simple composition, very pictorical. I discovered photography coming from painting, so I was very motivated by the idea of finding compositions in reality or creating abstractions out of details.

See more of Oriol and Lucia’s images here.




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