Christopher Kane: Fall 2015 Ready-to-Wear

Christopher Kane’s Fall 2015 Ready-to-Wear collection was full of surprising elements and details. Drawings of figures weaved in and out of the garments with the fluid forms continuing in the paneling of the various sheer fabrics that appeared through the collection. Zig zag and floral patterns, lace and velour, metallics, shiny buttons and shoes, all came together in a surprisingly cohesive and beautiful package.

KIM_0048 KIM_0089 KIM_0111 KIM_0133 KIM_0071 KIM_0153KIM_0179 KIM_0196 KIM_0216 KIM_0254 KIM_0284KIM_0303 KIM_0318 KIM_0340 KIM_0363 KIM_0392KIM_0413 KIM_0437 KIM_0455 KIM_0472 KIM_0496KIM_0531 KIM_0550 KIM_0567 KIM_0598 KIM_0615KIM_0640 KIM_0664 KIM_0685 KIM_0712 KIM_0733KIM_0758KIM_0779 KIM_0797 KIM_0817 KIM_0836 KIM_0863KIM_0883KIM_0903KIM_0930  KIM_0944 KIM_0963 KIM_0989zKIM_0012 zKIM_0038zKIM_0067 zKIM_0051

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