PECAN is a brand new traveling magazine that prints three issues per year, each one about and based in a different city. Each chapter is a lyrical guidebook to a selected destination, assembling perspectives and creative works of that city’s residents. They are not a practical guide to a place but a roaming print documentary series, with each installment introducing a city through perceptions of its inspired inhabitants. Each issue is a unique, collaborative effort, gently directed by PECAN’s own vision. The magazine travels as we do, seeking new ways of seeing.

Pecan Magazine is  based in Brooklyn, New York but has ties in Vancouver, Paris, and Seoul. Their first issue covered Paris, their second issue will cover Vancouver and their third Seoul.

We did a little Q&A with Editor Jaimie Stettin and Designer Hanah Chung.


How did you guys meet?

J. We met teaching English in South Korea in the summer of 2012.  I think we first bonded over tattoos.

What do you do besides work on the magazine?

J. Definitely a lot of traveling, a lot of reading, and a lot of writing.  I do consulting here in Paris and I’ll probably start a Master’s program in the fall.

H. I spent most of last year jumping from city to city. Besides PECAN, I freelance (graphic design) and take the occasional photograph.

What publications/books/magazines/blogs have been an influence for you? what publications are a guilty pleasure?

J.  Aesthetically, artist books and monographs are a big influence for me.  Magazine-wise, I really like The Gentlewoman, Boys by Girls, Pin-Up, and Bad Day.  A very guilty pleasure would be picking up a copy of Vogue.

H. I absolutely adore Toilet Paper Magazine. Visual assault in the best way possible. Human Being Journal, Saturdays, and Flaneur for design, use of colour, typography. Magazine B for concept. The latest issue of Inventory is beautiful. And The Gourmand always seems to have a great cover.

Pecan Chapter 1: photography by Pablo Porlan

Raphael-1Pecan Chapter 1: Photograph by Raphael Halin


What are some of your favorite artists/designers/musicians right now?

J.  In terms of artists, James Turrell is a forever favorite.  And I’ll always love the photos of Richard Avedon. Recently seeing a Robert Gober show at the MoMA reignited an interest in his work.  With music, I tend to have a song or artist of the moment that I listen to on repeat.  Right now, it’s Perfume Genius.

H. It’s been a while since I’ve listened to something new. The last time I was obsessed with an album was early last year with Washed Out’s Paracosm. I went to his show in Seoul and brought back a couple posters. I’m a huge fan of the work of local Vancouver artist Brandon Cotter (who we feature in issue two) and photographer Jennilee Marigomen. Tauba Auerbach’s stuff is fun to look at.

Favorite snacks in each of the cities you’ve lived in?

J.  Hmmmmm.  NYC snacks: street fruit!  I love that you can get a banana on any street corner.  As for anywhere in Korea: kimbap for a savory fix or hoeddeok (sugary pancakes) for a sweet one.  And in Paris: Pastries.  Just, hands down, no contest: pastries.  Especially from the best bakery, Du Pain et Des Idées.

H. Pocky!!! Anywhere and everywhere. But yes, you can’t go wrong with the fresh pastries and baguettes of Paris.. Seoul’s winter street snacks are the best: red bean-filled, fish-shaped street pastries, hoddeok, ddeokbokki. New York pretzels. And I guess this isn’t a snack but Japadog is a Van staple.

Pecan Chapter 1: illustration by Louise Laffaille

pecanmag2Pecan Chapter 1:  photography by Gonçalo Silva


After the first 3 Issues of Pecan, what are your plans?

J. Our plans are to go with the flow.  PECAN is our baby, our pet project for now, and we have to assess how to grow sustainably.  There are lots of cities PECAN would like to explore.


Pecan is currently stocked in Paris at Palais de Tokyo, 0fr, Artazart, and Library of Arts, in New York at Casa Magazines and Spoonbill & Sugartown, at Complex Geometries in Vancouver and in a number of independent bookshops in Seoul. You can find our full list of stockists here.

PECAN PARIS - animated small

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