F/W15: Creatures Of The Wind

We haven’t caught up with Shane Gabier and Christopher Peters since we interviewed them back in 2012 about their fashion label ‘Creatures of the Wind‘. We love their F/W15 collection!

Here is what Style had to say about the collection:
‘Backstage, the designers were talking about the ’20s, ’60s, and ’70s, the peak moments, they said, of psychedelic culture in America. They played fast and loose with the idea. The ’20s came across most clearly in a strappy sack dress in burnished gold. It was a one-off. More often the silhouette was ’60s short, as in a black minidress with flowing white silk sleeves knotted at the elbow for volume and other sleeveless shifts with buttons hugging one shoulder from the high neckline to the rib cage. Either that or it was ’70s glam, as was the case with a white pantsuit worn with a blush pink and silver lamé blouse that could’ve come straight from Bianca Jagger’s closet.’

_MON0007 _MON0020 _MON0035 _MON0051 _MON0065 _MON0081 _MON0100 _MON0120 _MON0135 _MON0147 _MON0164 _MON0189 _MON0205 _MON0213 _MON0232 _MON0253 _MON0269 _MON0289 _MON0313 _MON0324 _MON0343 _MON0360 _MON0377 _MON0393 _MON0412 _MON0427 _MON0440 _MON0458 _MON0474 _MON0490 _MON0508 _MON0528 _MON0540 _MON0556 _MON0574 _MON0586 _MON0697

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