Alexander McQueen debut collection for Givenchy-S/S 97

After the release of a new book talking about the genius and tragedy behind the life of the late Alexander McQueen we couldn’t help to look back on his first collection for Givenchy which paved the way toward his success until his very sad demise. His first collection debuted for Givenchy for their S/S 97 collection. His designs were inspired by greek antiquity and the collection is like a vision of his future work for his eponymous brand. There so many familiar elements:

ghc16 ghc15 ghc14 ghc13 ghc12 ghc11 ghc10 ghc9 ghc8 ghc7 ghc6 ghc5 ghc4 ghc3 ghc2 ghc1 ghc18 ghc19 ghc20 ghc21 ghc22



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