Carven’s pre fall 2015 collection looks pretty sober and serious until you notice all the subtle peculiar details. From the prints to the fabrics and cuts, there is something unusual and special in every piece.


Carven_017_1366 Carven_001_1366 Carven_018_1366 Carven_019_1366 Carven_020_1366 Carven_011_1366 Carven_012_1366 Carven_013_1366 Carven_014_1366 Carven_015_1366 Carven_021_1366 Carven_003_1366 Carven_016_1366 Carven_022_1366 Carven_002_1366 Carven_023_1366 Carven_008_1366 Carven_009_1366 Carven_010_1366 Carven_004_1366 Carven_005_1366 Carven_006_1366 Carven_007_1366Photos via


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