LAST DAY at Unit/ Pitt: Social Circles

We had a chance to check out the group show SOCIAL CIRCLES at Unit/ Pitt prior to the opening and took a few photos of the work while the curators were setting up the exhibition.

The show  explores the idea of social relations contingent on the artistic, cultural and curatorial practices that produce it. It brings together works and collaborations by artists and designers from different generations and geographies and with the hope to introduce one another to the related themes and interests that are being explored in their studios.

Participants are: Fabiola Carranza, Mike Rattray, Dan Siney, Mark Delong, Colleen Heslin, Sarah Seburn, Rachel Seburn, Jessica Yeandle Hignell, Katie Huisman, Doug Wideen, Justin Patterson, Jeff Stuckel, Deirdre McAdams, Steven Hubert, Jorg Langheimer, Nathalee Paolinelli, Vicki Lum, Graham Landin, Aaron Carpenter, Kari Lynn Kleinmann, Melinda Santillan, Bianca Pedrina, Melissa Paget, Kelly Lycan, Patrick Campbell, Madison Killo, Organ Armani, Tiziana La Melia, Benjamin Marvin, Marie-Hélène Tessier and Vivienne Basset.

(All photos courtesy of Jennifer Latour)
circles12Melinda Santillan

circles10 Bianca Pedrina

circles9Dan Siney

circles8 circles6  Aaron Carpenter

cirles5Colleen Heslin

circles4 Kelly Lycan

circles3 Mark DeLong

circles2Patrick Campbell

circlesNathalee Paolinelli



This  project curated by Nathalee Paolinelli and Jeff Stückel will be on  for its last day today from  at Unit/Pitt (236 East Pender)  12-5pm.

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