Vote for Johnny Tai Night Strike

Storyhive is a community-powered funding program from Telus, which offers production grants and distribution opportunities for fresh talent in Western Canada. Vote for your favorite projects and help greenlight them!

Below, the video pitch for Johnny Tai Night Strike, the world’s first self-defence video series for and by the blind. If you have a second to sign-up and vote, it would be greatly appreciated.

A totally blind, partially deaf, martial arts instructor and crisis counsellor, Johnny Tai is the guiding force behind Night Strike, a series of unique videos that combine re-enactments from Johnny’s life with practical self-defence instruction from a blind person’s perspective. The combative arts have been part of Johnny’s life for as long as he can remember, from defending himself against a kidnapper at the age of 8, to challenging his abusive father to a boxing match. Drawing from his own violent past, Johnny sets out to teach others how to defend themselves against victimization, and in the process reveals the sometimes painful memories that helped shape him into the person he is today.

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