New York Portraits Series #5- Lydo Elise Le

The first time we came across photographer Lydo Elise Le’s instagram we were instantly intrigued and went on the computer immediately to check out her website.What makes her photos special is her ability to balance the use of natural light and colour in her work to create a playful contrast. Aaron Wynia visited with the artist to take this wonderful portrait. Check out her Q+A below:


Lydo Elise Le Q+ A:
What draws you to your subjects?
I enjoy clean lines, discordant symmetry stolen moments.

What fictional item would you like to own?
Blueprints to Atlantis.

What’s one thing you’d change about L.A.?
Tear down Century City and build Central Park West.

What’s your worst habit?

Self doubt.

What inspires you?
I’m usually inspired in the moment. But light always surprises me, and it’s so fleeting. I’m also inspired by my travels—seeing new places and people always keep my eyes fresh.

Best instagram you follow?

Where was the last place you traveled that blew you away?

What’s your next project about?
Something about symmetry and winter.

What’s something you can make better than anyone else?

(Interview by Aidan Johnston)




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