Contemporary Issue: Rachel Cattle + Steve Richards

The first time we came across Rachel Cattle and Steve Richards work was at a group show that they were a part of at ‘Maureen Paley Projects’ earlier in the new year. Their work that was on display  during the exhibition was so mesmerizing that we decided to reach out to them so we could know more about the artists. We finally had a chance to sit down with the London art duo at their Hackney Studio.

Much of Rachel and Steveʼs work references movies, film scores, video, pop music, and fanzines. Using low fi techniques and outmoded technologies such as analog video, drawing, and scrapbook style photo collage, the two artists create complex assemblages of still and moving images, sound and music. The result is a kind of audio visual poetry that is melancholic and spellbinding. What brings this about is a collaboration based in a myriad of activities from personal interests, riffing on popular culture, fringe societies, and conceptual ideas about process, authorship, picture making and music.

Check out their interview and photos of their collaborative work.


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