Over the past four seasons, the design duo, Oeuffice have been steadily releasing their line of thoughtfully considered and intricately crafted pieces. I was fortunate to see their debut products Totems for Living at the Carwan Gallery in Zona Ventura — Lambrate in 2011, and was pleasantly surprised by their dominating presence yet subtle attention to detail. The chance to experience these objects for the first time, juxtaposed against each other alongside a carefully curated gallery setting left a lasting impression on me, so much so that every year I am excited in anticipation for their next presentation.

In their most current endeavor, the design office, as they prefer to be called, has continued to impress and has released their strongest work to date. Although smaller in scale, the Kapital series of tables and stools stand just as tall in their execution of concept, form and materiality. Beautifully sculpted of monumental stone such as Italian marble, they are timeless in both aesthetics and function.

For 01 Magazine Issue No.9 Koko Jubilo had the chance to catch up with the pair to discuss their beginnings, their creative process and their bright future. Read the interview here.


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