S/S15: Saint Laurent

‘Spring’s Saint Laurent chick is a little more in love with color and a lot more comfortable with prints—Hollywood Boulevard stars, lurid flowers, and (poignantly) cherries. She’s also got a new thing for showing off her décolletage, or what there is of it.’ Via Style.

_A2X0022 _A2X0028 _A2X0040 _A2X0045 _A2X0050 _A2X0058 _A2X0062 _A2X0070 _A2X0074 _A2X0083 _A2X0088 _A2X0095 _A2X0103 _A2X0109 _A2X0118 _A2X0128 _A2X0133 _A2X0147 _A2X0151 _A2X0163 _A2X0170 _A2X0183 _A2X0196 _A2X0207 _A2X0214 _A2X0223 _A2X0234 _A2X0239 _A2X0242 _A2X0243 _A2X0244 _A2X0249 _A2X0254 _A2X0258 _A2X0267 _A2X0278 _A2X0283 _A2X0291 _A2X0301 _A2X0308 _A2X0319 _A2X0324 _A2X0335 _A2X0339 _A2X0344 _A2X0356 _A2X0363 _A2X0369 _A2X0374 _A2X0382 _A2X0385 _A2X0396 _A2X0406 _A2X0411 _A2X0416 _A2X0430

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