October 3rd-17th: Muddguts -Peter Sutherland and Jim Mangan -Flash Flood


‘Flash Flood’ exhibits the work of artists, and long time friends, Jim Mangan and Peter Sutherland. Their works celebrate a shared affinity for nature, particularly the mountainous regions of Utah and Colorado. The two artists met in college, and spent countless hours snowboarding, camping, and generally immersing themselves in the surrounding natural landscape. They are both self – taught artists, and have since developed unique creative points of view, working with distinct processes and varying mediums. Both artists apply a level of abstraction to their photographic works; Mangan accomplishes this via altered visual perspective, and Sutherland achieves this through non-traditional printing techniques. As they each develop their individual points of view as artists, nature as inspiration continues to connect them. This is their first collaborative show.

The exhibition at Muddguts opens tomorrow and will be on until October 17th.



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