New York Portrait Series #2- Nick Sethi

Aidan Johnston put together a brief  ‘q+a ‘  for  photographer Nick Sethi  for our ‘New York Portrait Series’ shot by Aaron Wynia. Nick’s answers are as funny and vulgar as his photography.  He ponders about being a plus size model, Drake, and and looking at Instagram on the toilet.


What do you dislike about NYC?
How easy it is to get distracted every minute of every day and never do any work ever. Also winter.

Ideal photo job?
Hang out on the street in India forever and make work every day and do a ton of shows.

If you didn’t get into photography what do you think you’d be doing career wise?
Male model (plus-size) / real estate broker. Actually both things that I kinda am already.

What did you like most about Toronto while you were here?
Drake is from there and he has his own hotel called ‘The Drake’. And also everyone I met there was super nice. Also I got to have a show there. Also chicken curry roti.

What’s your Halloween costume going to be this year?

I’ll be in India, where I’ve been for the last month or so… So probably tan, long hair, very out of place, hopefully a little skinny, and wearing a safety orange shirt like I do every day.

If you had to use one camera for the rest of you life what would it be?

iPad. Nothing more stylish than shooting on an iPad.


What’s your favourite photo book?
This changes every day, but here’s a few that come to mind not in any specific order…

Gabe – Nick Haymes  

Getting to Know My Husband’s Cock – Ellen Jong
 White Flowers – Sayo Nagase  

Blumen – Collier Schorr

Hotel Oracle – Jason Fullford

Haunts – JH Engstom

What’s a guilty pleasure of yours?
Looking at Instagram after I poop for like 15 minutes without flushing or wiping yet.

Do you have a favourite sport?
Looking at Instagram after I poop for like 15 minutes without flushing or wiping yet.

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