New Site alert: Folch Studio-Eldorado

Folch Studio just launched a new inspiring website called ‘Eldorado’. The website is about ‘regular people taking exceptional trips,” and features stunning photography and remarkable travel stories.

About the project:

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Eldorado is an editorial platform that gathers stories related to sports, travel and Nature with an intimate and aesthetic approach. Each part of this story – the journey, the performance, the nature, the surroundings – converges into an Experience. The Experiences are divided in Chapters and follow a serialized storytelling: after the launch of each Experience, the next chapters will be released periodically until the story completely unfolds.

The project stems from the observation of context gathering together the sport and its rituals. It is not about the performance itself: it is about the unforeseen, the relationship with nature, the inner time against the real time, the most blissful and the saddest moments, the encounters, the hustle and the boredom.

Check out these beautiful travel videos from the Eldorado project:

Eldorado experience: Surf Panama from Storyweproduce on Vimeo.

80 Latitude. Whales, dolphins and butterflies (Teaser) from GOROKA on Vimeo.

Contribute or donate to this integral project here.


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