KENZO Spring 2015

Carol Lim and Humberto Leon’s s/s 15 collection is the perfect recipe for a cool (kids of the 90’s) summer: sharp cuts, slinky silhouettes, light baggy denim, graphic prints and logos, soft dreamy colors, geometric patterned cutouts, various indigo stripes, and of course visors and tinted sunglasses.


KEN_0032KEN_0033KEN_0037KEN_0059KEN_0073KEN_0093KEN_0113KEN_0129KEN_0145KEN_0169KEN_0187KEN_0199KEN_0213KEN_0225KEN_0235KEN_0249KEN_0261KEN_0276KEN_0288KEN_0296KEN_0308KEN_0322KEN_0336KEN_0354KEN_0366KEN_0376KEN_0390KEN_0400KEN_0412KEN_0422KEN_0436KEN_0450KEN_0464KEN_0480KEN_0494KEN_0508KEN_0516KEN_0530KEN_0540KEN_0550Photos via



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