Instagram Spotlight Of The Week: @jessicahunkin

South African based photographer Jessica Hunkin (@jessicahunkin ) has a way of making a reflective image always look interesting and whimsical. Her instagram photos documents her creative observations in Johannesburg where she resides. We reached out to Jessica to ask her our ‘Instagram Spotlight Of The Week Q+A’  so we could get to know her a bit better. (Thank you Jessica!)

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5 Questions For Jessica Hunkin:

 Do you have a favourite person or thing that you like to shoot?

The way I arrive at my photographs is quite spontaneous – it’s more about responding to what I see in a moment, than looking for something specific. I am fascinated by light, though, so I could say that light is my favourite “thing” to photograph.


If you could be anywhere right now where would you like to be? 
Inside one of Michel Gondry’s music videos. Or on second thought, I’d like to be in space.


What was the last song you listened to?

Right now I’m listening to “Test Me” by Givan Lötz.


What was the first photo that you saw that had an impact on you creatively?

I’m not sure I remember the very first, but there are many that have stuck with me over time. One is a striking photograph of Marlene Dietrich by the great Irving Penn, from his series of corner portraits. Then there’s the iconic image by William Eggleston of a glass on an airplane tray – it was really through his work that I realised how wonderfully absurd mundane things can be. And lastly there’s a remarkable picture titled “Ueno tube station” that Gueorgui Pinkhassov took of a girl through a piece of glass and on it, the galaxy seems to be reflected…it could be the most beautiful photograph I’ve ever seen.


5) Name your top 3 favourite instagrams ?

If I had to name my favourite personal Instagram accounts I’d end up with a list a mile long. There are so many people whose pictures I adore! Instead, these are 3 of my favourite accounts/projects that share incredible work by others:Mobile Photo NetworThe Photographic Dictionary and The Ones We Love.





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