“Walk-Ins Welcome” at Marlborough in NYC


Eric Yahnker, Nice Pups, 2014, colored pencil on paper, 27 x 41 in.

Tonight in NYC , Marlborough presents “Walk-Ins Welcome” a group exhibition featuring Nina Beier, A.K. Burns and Katherine Hubbard, Barb Choit, Juan Downey, Jonah Freeman and Justin Lowe, Donald Judd, Leigh Ledare, Tony Matelli, John Miller and Takuji Kogo, Matthew Palladino, David Scanavino, Josh Tonsfeldt, Devin Troy Strother, Jonas Wood and Eric Yahnker.
See a great interview we did with Eric Yahker here and our coverage of Nina Beier’s show “Valuables” in Mexico city here


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