SUMMER SUBMISSIONS: Julia Vergara and Maximilian Canepa



Maximilian Canepa sent us some photos from his road trips around the States.

He tells us: I grew up and went to school in Los Angeles but now live in Milan, Italy. I am the head of a silk fabric mill in Italy and I design prints for fashion and home decor. Many of my inspirations come from road trips across the US, especially Nevada and Utah. My favorite thing in the world is finding a road on the map I haven’t been on yet and just see where it takes me. These are just some snapshots I took while on these kind of trips.




Las Vegas




Textile designer Julia Vergara (@julia_vergara_b) sent us some of her summer photos from Spain.

She tells us about her summer: I live in Madrid but I usually spend the summer in a small, quiet village by the Mar Menor (south east of Spain) – a place untouched by the reckless homebuilding frenzy of past decades. That’s where I find the inspiration for mypatterns: from everyday simple things, but particularly from the slower pace of life that holidays bring. Leaving routines behind and being able to devote time to contemplation – these are the things that awake my imagination and the impulse of creating new things.

 This summer I’ve spent many hours taking photographs of the summer houses in the area. These are simple, low-priced, sometimes even tacky constructions, but I love the imagination and boldness that went into play in the combination of materials and textures (tiles, stone, gresite, terrazzo…). Quite often, the sole purpose of their owners was to recycle stuff from other construction projects.@julia_vergara_b-6

























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