SUMMER SUBMISSIONS: Ada Hamza, Diego Rodriguez and Melanie Garcia

Diego Rodriguez @baseballcoachdad  is 19 years old, photographer.

He says: ‘Been shooting photos since I was about 12 and just never stopped. I currently study photography at Columbia College, and spent my summer in Chicago.’

Diego Rodriguez2


Ada Hamza @adahamza is from Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ada says: I spend this summer in Antwerp, Sarajevo and at the Hvar island (Dalmatian coast). I carry my camera always with me because I want to document dear moments and interesting visual scenes. I don’t drive a car and I move around with bike so I am able to find time to think and observe my surroundings every day. That’s the time I take most of my photos.  I am influenced by random things but subconsciously I am always attracted to water in all of its shapes, states, colours…

See more of Ada’s work at




Melanie Garcia @_melanie_garcia is from Montreal. She sent us this image from her trip to Lake Muskoka in Ontario.

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset  



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