This summer submission is from  San Francisco based photographer Brian Kanagaki @briankanagaki.
Brian told us this about his summer:

This summer was all about vacations and sight seeing. It seems like every other week I had some friends in town that wanted to do all the tourist things that you can do in San Francisco and around the bay area. It was actually a really great way to spend the summer.  It happened to be my last summer in San Francisco before making the move to New York and it was great to see all the great things about the west coast one last time.

Almost every weekend I visited Ocean Beach and the Golden Gate Bridge, got to go sailing, spent days at the river, drove up the coast through Bolinas and Tomales Bay, and went to Alcatraz for the first time since the summer I went there while the movie ‘The Rock’ was being filmed.  I ended the summer in New York, saw fire works on Bastille Day, and got to see my friends upstate.



Amy  Sailing  BastilleDay

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