Independent publishing house Zioxla is pleased to announce the release of two limited-edition prints by Stephen Eichhorn. Eichhorn was one of the artists featured in its book Strange Plants, and the artwork for the prints, “Eulogy” and “Orb III,” appear next to each other in the book.

Eichhorn has a background in drawing and sculpture, and says both of those disciplines have affected his current work. “Collage is an extension of the same mark-making process,” he says. “It’s a lot like drawing but instead of series of pencil marks, I’m layering cut pieces.” The release of the prints is perfectly timed with Eichhorn’s two upcoming solo exhibitions: Various Fades at Johalla Projects opens in Chicago on September 5, and Arrangements opens at CES Contemporary in Los Angeles on September 20.

Zioxla is an independent publishing house founded by Zio Baritaux, a creative professional who lives and works between Los Angeles and Barcelona.



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