Instagram Spotlight Of The Week: @jellybellybella

Starting today we ask 4 questions to the artist that we feature on our ‘Instagram Spotlight Of The Week’ to help us get to know them a little better. The first artist to answer our questons is Arianna Lago .We love the soft colour palette that Arianna  ( @jellybellybella ) thematically uses on her Instagram feeds often using pastel hues to express her distinct, and captivating photos.

Check out a few photos from her Instagram feeds and answers to our questions below. You can also check out her website here.


Four Questions For Arianna Lago:

1) Do you have a favourite person or thing that you like to shoot?

I am not sure if have a favourite thing, whether I am taking photos of a person or an object or a place I think what drives my choices is colour, and the way it plays together with other elements. This is a leading element in my photography whether I am observing a scene or recreating my own.  However I really like shooting my housemate Lyndall.  She doesn’t mind standing in front of the camera for me,  she does it quite spontaneously, and without any vanity,  even though she is naturally beautiful.

2)If you could be anywhere right now where would you like to be? 

I am Italian and have been living in London for a while now. I  wake up most days dreaming of being in Barcelona, or somewhere in the Mediterranean where there are 4 seasons, instead of on long grey season. Here I feel a bit like a palm tree in an oak forest.

3)What was the last song you listened to?

It’s hard to pin point to a single song as music is constantly playing in the back ground of  my life.  There are artists I keep going back to – Arthur Russell is a favourite. I stumbled upon a song by Donnie & Joe Emerson called ‘Baby’ and now I’m a little obsessed. It was a nice surprise as I first knew it as a cover by Dean Blunt and Inga Copeland.

4)What was the first photo that you saw that had an impact on you creatively?

The first photo that had an impact on me and still is imprinted in my mind is the album cover of the Dinosaur Junior’s ‘Green Minds’. The photo is by Joseph C Szabo and is called Priscilla. I felt totally fascinated by it. I couldn’t figure out why the girl had a cigarette in her mouth because she looked too young to smoke. Somehow I felt I could see part of myself in that image.


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