Hypebeast/ Issue 8:The Perspective Issue- Placements Fashion Editorial

I was really happy to have the chance to work on Hypebeast Magazine-The Perspective Issue (No.8) that is fresh off the press. Shot by Ian Lanterman, our photo shoot called ‘Placements’ is a 12 page ensemble of the must haves men’s fashion and lifestyle products for Fall.

The new issue is dedicated to design and the importance it has on our visual culture today.

Here is a preview of the photo shoot:

HBMAG#8 - Placements - LOOKS copy

Left: http://www.andlight.ca  Right: https://www.thombrowne.com/ http://www.wingsandhorns.com/

HBMAG#8  look 2 copy

Left:http://www.shopneighbour.com/ http://www.aesop.com http://caputoandco.com/ Right: http://www.covo.it/ http://www.jaspermorrison.com

HBMAG#8 - Placements - LOOKS copy3

Left: http://www.artemide.ca/    http://www.shinola.com/  http://www.driesvannoten.be Right: http://www.norseprojects.com/ http://www.reigningchamp.com http://kitsune.fr/http://www.wingsandhorns.com/

HBMAG#8 - Placements - LOOKS copy4

Left: http://www.knoll.com/  http://www.driesvannoten.be/ http://www.rodengray.com http://www.wingsandhorns.com http://www.thombrowne.com Right: http://www.retrostart.com/producer/bieffeplast/ http://www.ourlegacy.se/

HBMAG#8 - Placements - LOOKS copy5Left: http://www.thombrowne.com http://usonline.apc.fr/  http://www.tomdaxon.com/ http://www.jamesheeley.com/en/ Right: http://eng.moncler.com/ http://www.savekhaki.com http://www.norseprojects.com

HBMAG#8 - Placements - LOOKS copy 2

Left:http://www.givenchy.com/en/ http://www.reigningchamp.com/ http://www.adidas.ca/ Right: http://lookatwakawaka.com http://www.ysl.com http://www.prada.com 



Photos: Ian Lanterman
Art Direction/ Styling: Redia Soltis
Model: Kamran Fulleylove
Assistant Stylist: Jess Garcia

Thank you Neighbour and Roden Gray  for lending us a few items including  furniture!

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