Rineke Dijkstra: I See A Woman Crying (Weeping Woman) + Ruth Draws Picasso

Dutch photographer Rineke Dijkstra has always been interested in different groups of people and their interactions with each other and the camera. In her videos I see a Woman Crying (Weeping Woman) and Ruth Draws Picasso, Rineke Dijkstra takes a look at school children interacting with art, more specifically with Picasso’s Weeping Woman (1937)First created as part of her work with Tate Liverpool, where a studio was set up especially for her in the Tate Liverpool galleries, the videos are now showing at Marian Goodman Gallery along with other work, until August 21.

You can see the videos here 



Still from Ruth Drawing Picasso, Tate Liverpool, 2009. Courtesy of Marian Goodman Gallery.


5ffc1ff476a2b3d3 581a4911 820b2271Stills from I See a Woman Crying (Weeping Woman) Tate Liverpool, 2009. Courtesy of Marian Goodman Gallery


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