Til Oct 4th: Rennie Collection- Rodney Graham

Vancouver based artist Rodney Graham has a solo show on at the ‘Rennie Collection- Wing Sang’ until October 4th showing pieces from the artist works in several media – film, video, photography, painting, sculpture, sound, text, and installation. Graham’s show was a joy to view, with his always present humor and his take on inverting the status of the amateur and professional.

The building itself (historically the oldest building in Chinatown) also lends to the viewers experience with various floors flooding natural light into the spaces where the art is being exhibited.

You can make an appointment to see the exhibition through the Rennie Collection website here

Close up detail from ‘3 Musicians’

Lobbing Potatoes At A Gong Vodka 1969

Close up detail from ‘The Gifted Amateur’

Close up detail from ‘The Gifted Amateur’

Old Softy

Possible Abstractions

Lobbing Potatoes At A Gong

Composition #1 for Prepared Cello

Dr. Seuss’ Sleep Book – Child’s Table:Trolley

Two Movements for Prepared Cello

The Gifted Amateur

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