John Waters on Fashion

Sometimes fashion is like the misunderstood kid in the playground whom everyone assumes is either snobby, too weird or inaccesibly fascinating. Film director John Waters would have no problem going over, making friends and embracing the good, the bad and the ridiculous and bringing out its quirky side. John Waters and fashion make good friends because he sees past its superficial aspects, and understands the fantastic, ironic and humorous sides that are often misunderstood.   As the host of the CFDA fashion awards this year, his genuine interest and love for fashion and all its different facets came through with his now famous “glorious roast” highlighted brilliantly by The Cut.

My favorite part: his ideas for his own fashion line, because if John Waters had his own line, he knows exactly how it would go down:

“My line would be called ‘Caught Dead,’ as in ‘I wouldn’t be.’ Inspired by the lowest-of-the-low thrift-shop outfits that have been left unsold in the bottom of those Value Village bins for at least a year. Think dad-jeans in a 44-inch waist with faux bleach stains around the crotch. Women’s underarm shields left over from the ‘50s. Maternity tube tops. Outdated meatball-brown maxi skirts from the ‘70s. Clothes that even the hippest FIT or Parsons student couldn’t wear ironically.

I’d also tell Women’s Wear Dailythat my influences were more advanced than the usual references to Mad Men, ‘the art of subtraction,’ or ‘urban gypsy.’ Mine would be family drug interventions, roller-coaster accidents, and, most importantly, ‘Poor, Pitiful Pearl.’

I’d introduce my motley new looks during Baltimore Fashion Week, which has been unfairly deemed unsophisticated by some critics just because the models smile like beauty queens walking down the runway, waving to their parents in the audience and yelling, “cheese”.  So?!? Imagine if Comme des Garçons did this? Wouldn’t that be as transgressive as Rick Owens’ models “grit facing”? A good mood on the catwalk is positively post-modern these days.”

Read the rest of the roast on The Cut and his equally hilarious Q&A about hosting the awards on the NY Times.

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