The opportunity to travel always gets me re-energized. Having had travel plans earlier in the year altered due to unforeseen circumstances, a trip to cover the International Contemporary Furniture Fair was a healthy escape from the normal daily grind.  I’ve been to New York more than a few times for this particular reason but it had been almost five years since my last visit so I was preparing myself for the experiences that I knew I would be able to take back and learn from. Had I only seen the ICFF exhibitions, I would have absorbed more than enough to make this trip worthwhile but somehow this city always manages to throw you for more than a few loops and turns.



Ingo Maurer showroom


Beyond Design installation inside the Ingo Maurer showroom


Dew Drops, by Ingo Maurer


Interviewing Ingo Maurer at his showroom. Thanks again for the great opportunity.


Bzzzz, by Ingo Maurer


TT Moon, by Ingo Maurer


All of a Piece, by Earnest Design and Dana Cannam Design at INTRO/NY

Modular detail of All of a Piece.


Tokyo Chair, by Bensen


Table Lantern by AND Light spotted on Standard Console by Bensen


Centerpiece, by Alessi Research Lab with Luca Galbusera


Sputnik, by François Azambourg at Wanted Design


Tom Dixon Booth


Pylon table range and coat stand, by Tom Dixon


Pylon dining table and Plum cocktail shaker, by Tom Dixon


Tea light holder, by Tom Dixon

Grey Beat pendant lamps by Tom Dixon


Harper rocking chair, by Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance for Bernhardt


Exhibit by Moving Mountains


AM|MA Studio at Sight Unseen OFFSITE

Ladies and Gentlemen Studio at Sight Unseen OFFSITE


Gridlock, by Philippe Malouin for Roll & Hill


Stella, by Rosie Li for Roll & Hill


Fiddlehead, by Jason Miller for Roll & Hill





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