The Jewish Museum: Sight And Sound Festival- Canada now playing

Sights and Sounds: Global Film and Video is a longterm presentation of new film and video works made in the sphere of the visual arts. The series offers a rotating selection of vigorous works by contemporary artists from around the world. It introduces New York audiences to the latest developments in filmmaking within the art context and underlines The Jewish Museum’s holistic and global approach to the understanding and presentation of art and culture.

Every month the museum features work from a different country. Until May 29th they will be featuring work from Canada curated by Melanie O’Brian. Representing Canada is Vancouver based artists Robert Arndt, Julia Feyrer, Kevin Schmidt, and  the Toronto collective Public Studio.

We will be putting up photo coverage of the show next week on our blog and Instagram so stay tuned!


Here is a preview of ‘A Line In Passing(2010)’ by artist Robert Arndt:

Previewing 4:00min. of 10:00 min. from Luke Lau on Vimeo.







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