Looking back at Nikki S. Lee

Nikki S.Lee has been a fascinating figure for me for years. Looking back on her work today, it still resonates as much to me as when I first saw it over 10 years ago. Her photography is one of a kind, somewhere between documentation and performance. From 1997 til 2001 she explored various subcultures by immersing herself in them and taking on various identities, living and following the rituals and adopting the aesthetic style of its members. She has joined communities in an Ohio trailer park, hung out with Japanese skate punks, hip hop crews and tourists. Changing herself from a Japanese school girl to a Jewish bride, a lesbian and a senior citizen. While her concepts are simple, it take a real understanding and flexibility in order to be execute them as finely as she has.


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Check out Nikki S. Lee talking about her work:

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