Womens: Saint Laurent- F/W 14-15

For his latest collection, Hedi Slimane chose Californian John Baldessari as the artist to feature in the little black folio that functions as his show invitation. Baldessari, now 82, is one of the grand masters of appropriation, repurposing preexistent or found imagery to create new art. It was an interesting choice on Slimane’s part, maybe even a wry comment of sorts. “Appropriation” is a rather more agreeable word than other epithets that have been applied to his work at Saint Laurent, with its devotion to the source materials of youth culture. (Read the rest on Style)

Watch the great video with rock heroines walking down the catwalk to the tune of Cherry Glazerr ‘Had Ten Dollaz’:

John Baldessari x Saint Laurent:


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