When Erik Kessels decided to publish photo books with KesselsKramer Publishing, he wanted to look beyond regular artistic photography and find a different kind of story. “For me, serious photography has grown so boring and humourless. All these photographers with large-format cameras making big landscapes with a power plant in the background and everything so beautiful and perfect. That is something I really hate. What I am looking for is ordinary photographs that tell a a bigger story.”

These stories came about in found collections of photos from regular people with peculiar obsessions. With these collected images KesselKramer Publishing created the In Almost Every Picture series, where the same element is present in almost every picture, a woman with her TV, a Japanese rabbit with various objects on his head, a moustachioed man with a Panasonic is Larbi Laaraich, a black dog.

“There is something beautiful about the way people persist in their misfortune with a camera,” says Kessels.

I definitely agree, and below is my favorite: In almost Every Picture 11, photographs fromA couple from Florida who share a passion for “wet fun adventure”. One is the photographer, the other is the model and the water is the medium. No matter what they are wearing or what they are doing; they take every opportunity to get wet, the more spontaneous the better. Public or private, silk or leather, winter or summer none of these elements matter. The adventure is all of these elements combined.”


Read more about this project here and more pics here

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