Michel Auder

I recently spent a week with Michel Auder film/video artist pioneer. Living amongst and filming much of Andy Warhols video works in the factory days including, “Chelsea Girls” and his own relic rarity feature film, “Cleopatra” featuring superstar VIVA as Cleopatra. One film to mention amongst hundreds of other diamonds in the rough.  A sly one from France, Michel, has resided in New York over the past 40 years. He has both been there and seen it all.
Still from Cleopatra. 1970, 155 minutes. (film transferred to DVD)

Rare to find his whole collection as much of his work is kept in his private archive released only for exhibition purposes. He has shot thousands of hours of footage throughout his life documenting New York and various other geographically expansive destinations throughout its primes 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s to date,  here are a few leads…
Here’s his website:

Here’s a preview from his film in 1983 called ‘The Kitchen Presents Two Moon July: http://ubu.com/film/kitchen_auder.html

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