Adrian Villar Rojas: Los Teatros de Saturno


Los Teatros de Saturno is Adrián Villar Rojas’  first solo exhibition at Kurimanzutto in Mexico City. Taking over the entire gallery space as well as some other parts of the building with fruit, pumpkins and many combination of objects, the project revives and expands on some of the work Villa Rojas presented at the Serpentine Sackler Gallery in London. The exhibition gives an undeniable archeological feel, with fresh earth covering the entire floor and curious combinations of organic, inorganic and ceramic objects laying througout, each feeling like a discovery with its own story attached.

(While the pictures we took were at the beginning of the exhibition in February, the elements have been left to decompose and change organically throughout the months it has been up.)

At Kurimanzutto until april 5, 2014


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