Salon Acme 2014

A few parallel art events popped up alonside art fair powerhouse MACO during what is becoming known as “Semana del Arte” in Mexico, and one of them was Salon Acme. Taking a cue from the art Salons of the past, it curated a mix of new and established designers across disciplines in the beautiful Archipielago space in San Miguel Chapultepec. Weaving in an out of the indoor and outdoor spaces who were as much part of the exhibition as the art itself,  Salon Acme aimed to give us a selection of what is happening in art at the moment. It was a relaxing oasis in the midst of the busy Mexico City art tour schedule.


Matias Armedaris: Wait and See

Jose Luis Roja: Souvenir de la Galeria Perrotin

Carlos H Matos: Versaillais

Joshua Jobb: Flat Sculpture from the Bouncing Pain Things series, basketball bounced on paper


Angela Leyva: Object Reconfiguration

Hisae Ikenaga: Couch in Six Positions

Joshua Jobb: Prosumerismo

Alberto L. Lorcuera: Pony Construction

Sabino Giusu: Untitled (wood and honey)

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