Preview Photos: WAAP- Niall McClelland (until March 01)

Here is a preview of Niall McClelland’s solo exhibition at Wil Aballe Art Projects called ‘He To Whom The Early Bird Runs Best Learns Wisdom And Knowledge’. The exhibition will be on until March 1st.

Niall McClelland  creates impoverished drawings and objects of varying scale and medium, embedding personal history in ephemeral, often cast aside material, and placing them alongside subcultural influences of the past. McClelland’s work is often the by-product of a related labour, an object or cast-off that speaks to the process of its creation, abstracting its origin and flipping the hand of the creator on its head.

McClelland’s work has been shown at The Power Plant (Toronto), MoCCA (Toronto), Plug-In ICA (Winnipeg), P.P.OW (New York), with recent solo exhibitions at Clint Roenisch (Toronto), Envoy Enterprises (New York) and Eleanor Harwood (San Francisco). McClelland is represented by Clint Roenisch in Canada and Envoy Enterprises in the US. He lives and works in Toronto, Canada.

(All photos from the exhibition by Jennifer Latour)

DTES.VPD. HALL #2-Bootlegg (2014)-Silkscreen mesh, emulsion, acrylic ink-art work by Niall McClelland courtesy of WAAP-Photo by Jennifer Latour

From left to right: No Maps-Work (2014)- Carbon ink on paper, packing tape, sweat, dirt, oil/ Popsicle Orange & Plum(1994-2014)- Spray paint, tape on cardboardAll art work by Niall McClelland courtesy of WAAP-Photo by Jennifer Latour

Teenanger (2014)-Marker on lined paper, electrical tape- Art work by Niall McClelland courtesy of WAAP- Portrait of Niall McClelland with art piece  by Jennifer Latour


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