The newest project this year to join “Semana del Arte” in Mexico City was Material Art Fair, an initiative started by Daniela Elbahara and Brett Schultz from Mexico City’s Galeria Yautepec. Presenting its first edition at the Hilton Hotel, it brought together 40 local and international galleries with the aim to show the younger and more daring art practices of the moment. With more focus on exposure and less on selling, the booths were less of a pele mele of pieces and more of  curated experience. Each  giving a clear glimpse of the gallery and artists it represented and looking photo and internet ready. Unfortunately for us, it was the moment both our camera and our brains gave up after an intense and mostly sleepless 4 days on the Mexico art tour,  but lucky for us, everything was superbly documented on their facebook page from which we pulled most of these pics. (Take a look to learn more about the organizers, artists and galleries involved!)


Carlos Reyes: TORRI, París


Johen Lempert: Lulu, Mexico


Rebecca Gilbert at Interstate, Brooklyn


Sarah Cwynar, Cooper Cole, Toronto


Jon Rafman, Future Gallery, Berlin


Oliver Rafferty´s T-Shirt paintings at KINMAN, London


KINMAN, London


Roberto Sanchez at NO SPACE, Mexico


Yann Gerstberger: Galerie Alain Gutharc, Paris


Mindy Rose Schwartz at Queer Thoughts, Chicago


Printed Matter, New York

Víctor Barragán, GRAVA, Mexico


Preteen Gallery, Mexico


Martín Soto Climent at Clifton Benevento Gallery, New York


Neter Projects, Mexico

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