Libraryman: Dogme Magazine-No.1

The Swedish publication house Libraryman has just released their first magazine Dogme. Dogme Magazine takes a closer look through the creative lens of film, fashion, and photography, presenting lucid portraits of their favorite creative subjects. The magazine is spearheaded by Tony Cederteg and Katherine Clary and is published irregularly.  Work by photographers Nicholas Haggard, Anders Edström, Takashi Homma, Henry Roy and Todd Jordan can be seen in the new issue.


Featuring: Anders Danielsen Lie, Harmony Korine, Hunter Carson, Julia Faure, M. Blash, Nathalia Acevedo, Nèstor Almendros, Ryo Kase, Lutz Huelle, Linus Bill, Adrien Horni, So Yong Kim, Bradley Rust Gray, Marques ‘ Almeida, Sarah Hagan.

Here is some images from the new issue:

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