London: Maureen Paley-PROJECT

While I was in London I checked out this great group show exhibiting at Maureen Paley called Project featuring work by Salvatore Arancio, Rachel Cattle & Steve Richards, and James Pyman.

Each artist explores the natural world hinting towards the super-natural and inexplicable. The works also examine and quote from popular culture, fanzines and literature creating an often ambiguous rendering of their melancholic inner visions.

The artists bring together multidisciplinary art forms(drawing, etching, sound, video, sculpture) to create the exhibition.


Here are some photos from the show:

(Rachel Cattle & Steve Richards Station to Station video for monitor 5 minutes 2013)

(Rachel Cattle & Steve Richards Untitled (Shelf Work)/mixed media 2006 – 2013)

(Rachel Cattle & Steve Richards exhibition view)

(Salvatore ArancioWe Are a Way to Know Itself looped video with sound/3 min 23 sec)

(Salvatore Arancio/Hand Sandstone Sculpted Into Tall Pillars/ photo-etching on paper-2009)

(Salvatore Arancio/A View Of A Cave Cut By Erosion In the Very Thick Layers of Ash/photo-etching on paper-2006)

(James Pyman: Song to Comus –pencil on paper(2008-2012)

(James Pyman /Jackdaw pencil on paper-2007)

(James Pyman 1979 pencil on paper-1995)

(Rachel Cattle & Steve Richards Cosmographia video for monitor 10 minute-2010)

(Salvatore Arancio exhibition view)

Photos courtesy of Maureen Paley

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