Marvin Gaye, London, 1976

The Richard Young Gallery presents Pret a Photo, an exhibition from the archives of British celebrity photographer Richard Young. Pret a Photo includes a selection of exclusive photographs taken during the last 4 decades.

“The Seventies and Eighties represent the best era in celebrity photography. Fashion powerhouses – Versace, Yves Saint Laurent and Christian Dior started to throw the most fantastic parties. Champagne was always flowing, canapés were endless, and parties lasted into all hours of the night. Celebrities were happy to let their guard down and this made for fabulous photographs.”-Richard Young

At Richard Young Gallery until January 31st, 2013

Below, some photographs from his first “Pret A Photo” exhibition featuring parties from the 70’s and 80s as well as some of the images from the current exhibition.

Bad Behaviour, Fiorucci Party, London, 1978


Ladies Who Drink & Smoke, Embassy Club, London, 1981


Fight War Not Wars, C.N.D Demonstration, London, 1982


Freddie and Tiffany At Home, London, 1988


U.S.A Needs Great Britain, London, 1979


Lovers in New York, 1983

The Embassy Club, London, 1979

Oh-La-La Art, Langan’s Brasserie, London, 1982


Paula Yates and Steve Strange Whispering, London 1982

Cartier Party, Paris, 1980


Sophia Loren, London, 1982

Andy Warhol, Bianca Jagger and Rupert Everett, Chelsea, London, 1980


Vivienne Ventura, Supermarket Sweep, London, 1983


Whitney Houston, London, 1986

Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall, Royal Albert Hall, London, 1985


Cheers Dears, London, 2005



mbassy Club, London, 1979; C-Print; 16″ x 12″; Edition of 25

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