This building was the home and workshop of Mexican artist and muralist David Alfaro Siqueiros (1896-1974) , he built it with the idea he had with Diego Rivera of creating the first workshop space for muralists, a “museum, workshop, artist residency and meeting point for the production and criticism of art”. Siqueiros said: “La Tallera is an idea that Diego Rivera and I had in the ’20s: a laboratory dedicated to the creation of murals and experiments with new techniques in paint, materials, geometry and perspective”.

Before dying he decided he wanted his workshops in Cuernavaca and in Mexico city to be donated to the people as spaces where his work and ideas could be preserved.

In 2010 Frida Escobedo Studio was put in charge of the architectural remodelling of the workshop in Cuernavaca. By turning two of the murals of the workshop inside out, Escobedo made them the focal point when approaching the space and created a square outside the museum.



Inside beside the gallery there are murals preserved from the days where the museum was Siqueiros’ atelier.


Indoor and outdoor spaces have been created within the museum to be used as workshops, offices and archives. There is also a cafeteria and a shop selling art books and other objects. The see-through facade divides the museum from what was Siqueiro’s private residence and gardens.



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