The Photo Show:1969/2013

I finally had the chance to see the  ‘The Photo Show: 1969-2013- Exploring the Conceptual Archives’ at The AHVA Gallery located in UBC. Part of the retrospective presents original work from a 1969 exhibition about new Conceptual photographic strategies that was organized by young students and faculty from the Department of Fine Arts at the university including students Ian Wallace and Jeff Wall. In addition to showing their own work, they also secured international artist they admired to be part of the exhibition including Ed Ruscha, Dan Graham, and Bruce Nauman.

It is intriguing to see the architectural photos of  Vancouver from over 40 years ago, and also view the emerging work of the students that have gone on to be successful in their art careers.

The exhibition is up til November 30th and shouldn’t be missed!

(Nelson and Burrard, 1969 Christos Dikeakos)



Artists in the exhibition: Vito Acconci, Donald Burgy, Christos Dikeakos, Dan Graham, Kate Henderson, Douglas Heubler, Barrie Jones, Robert Kinmont, Scott McFarland, Bruce Nauman, Illyas Pagonis, N.E. Thing Co., Ed Ruscha, Robert Sandilands, Bill Vazan, Jeff Wall and Ian Wallace.

Curator: Vytas Narusevicius


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