Presentation House Auction

In 1974, Finnish manufacturer Artek began producing the Sedia 1 chair. Designed by Enzo Mari, the chair was originally for the designer’s Autoprogettazione collection, a manual that included pieces that were made from easily obtainable standard cuts of wood. The Sedia 1 chair became one of the most iconic of the nineteen styles, but there were designs to build tables, chairs, bookshelves, and beds. Recently Artek reintroduced Mari’s chair in a “do-it yourself package” consisting of pre-cut pine boards and nails that allow the consumer to build the chair themselves.

As a part of their annual gala and benefit auction, Vancouver’s Presentation House, in cooperation with Inform Interiors, have given a number of artists, designers and architects this chair in it’s box, allowing them to reinterpret and build (or not) the Sedia 1 chair as they see fit. Participants include Douglas Coupland, Gordon Smith, Omer Arbel, John Wall, Brian Jungen, Lukas Peet and more. A number of the designs are now on display in Inform Interiors front window and the re-interpreted chairs will be sold at live auction on Saturday, November 23 at Secret Location.

For more information on tickets to the gala and benefit auction and a list of participants visit the Presentation House website.

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