Walking around Merida looking at properties for sale, a friend and I came across this beautiful pink house that stood alone on a corner. The pink zigzag patterned wall first caught our attention from across the street and we went to take a closer look. We saw that one side of the place was entirely floor to ceiling glass windows, that while dirty, showed a large type of ballroom or solarium that lead to an inner garden. It was the most curious of designs and we called the number to make an apointment to see the interior the next day.

When we told our local friends about it they looked at us in disbelief. Aparently that house had been for sale for almost 15 years, unable to be sold because it had been the scene of one of the city’s most gruesome murders. Merida is a quiet and very peaceful city where many people don’t bother locking their door and this double murder had been big news in the 1990’s. We did some research and found out that a famous prima ballerina and her mother had been brutally attacked and murdered at their residence in a robbery gone wrong. The place had been empty and for sale ever since. It showed up on some sites about Merida’s houses of horror and some people claimed feeling shivers while walking by it. Other rumors were of lights coming on at night or people seeing a silhouette through the glass window. We decided to go ahead with the viewing and see the place for ourselves.

We met the 80 year old owner and original designer of the house and got the tour. The place was far from spooky, the whole house was built around a garden with glass doors or a simple open fence with a beautiful pattern separating it from the inside. Light came in from everywhere and illuminated the pink tiled floor along the main corridor. While walking around, instead of a gruesome story we got loving family anectodes. The owner proudly showed us all the details he had thought of when building the house for his family. All the bedrooms had windows to the outside and to the inside corridor so light and air circulated everywhere. They had built in closets with spaces designed especially for shoes. The main room had an open skylight and underneath a large planter had plants still growing on their own thanks to the rain coming through. A few pieces of furniture from various eras were left behind. The owner turned on the light so we could see how the chandelier looked when illuminated. It was beautiful and peaceful and we didn’t want to leave!

Ultimately the selling price was very high and while there had been some offers to turn the place into a book store and other things, the owner had been reluctant to sell it. I suspect he wanted to hang on to it a little bit longer…


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