The mysterious life of Huguette Clark

Mining heiress Huguette Clark lived a reclusive life in her vast Fifth Avenue apartment. She refused to leave her penthouse where she hid with thousands of dolls dressed in custom Dior and  even splurged 14,000 a piece  for two dolls at Sotheby’s on the same day. The only reason she would ever leave her confined space was to purchase more dolls for her collection. In her life  she had compiled 1,157 dolls stored in her home  valued at 2 million dollars.  Her best friend Suzanne Pierre said Huguettes dolls were her closest companions. The heiress lived to the age of  104 years old leaving behind a  fortune of 300 million dollars most of which she donated to charity.

A book has been published  called ‘Empty Mansions: The Mysterious Life of Huguette Clark and Spending of a Great American Fortune‘ that gives you insight into her legendary story.


Check out some of her precious dolls featured in the video below:



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