Shop with us online:01 Magazine x Mark Hall Patch-Death Pop Club limited edition shirts

***Shipping covered in US and Canada for this purchase***

To commemorate our ‘Music Issue’ we collaborated with artist Mark Hall- Patch to make limited editon (1/50) Death Pop Club t- shirt using one of Mark’s Death Pop Club logos. The shirts were inspired by Pop star ‘Bieber’ and iconic Metal band ‘Slayer’.

Each shirt is individually hand distressed, with Bieb/Slayer Death Pop logo in blended black aged cotton with lacerated sleeves. The shirts are unisex and come in medium and large.

We have a small amount left and if you buy now we will cover the shipping in the US and Canada while supply lasts. Please identify the size you want( large or medium)  when you are purchasing thru pay pal.Buy here.



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(Photos: Jennifer Latour / Styling + Art Direction: Redia Soltis)



Mark Hall-Patch is a Vancouver born and currently residing artist and illustrator. His work has been predominately watercolour with narrative themes relating to concepts of storytelling, mysticism, folk art, the ephemera of cultures, memories of home, a myriad of cultural iconography, advancements in technology and sociological phenomena.
Death Pop Club was a project implemented in the winter of 2012 while Mark resided on one of the Southern Gulf Islands in British Columbia. The present textile garment and printed matter are one of series of incarnations for Death Pop Club.


Check out Mark’s work in our current issue here.






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